We want to know your story and translate who you are together into beautiful photographs and memories to share for generations to come.

I understand you can never get back that moment of the tear that gracefully rolling down a Mother’s cheek as she laces up her daughter’s wedding dress, the look of pure amazement on a groom’s face as he sees his beautiful bride for the first time and the joyful smile on a bride’s face after she plants that first sweet kiss on her new groom. One day when your grandchildren look back through those photos of you and your loved ones from that most special day, I hope they'll smile, are intrigued by the way things were "back in those days", and desire a marriage like yours for themselves.

You’re embarking on an investment in images that are guaranteed to become treasured possessions. I am so excited that you have found your way here and look forward to our journey and capturing your unique love story!

Hey friend! I am Melanie a wedding, elopement and couples photographer in the Statesboro and Savannah, Georgia area and anywhere you would like me to travel. I absolutely LOVE my job and am thankful to been given the opportunity to chase and
live my dream! I believe you deserve beautiful images and an amazing experience.

With my warm & welcoming southern hospitality approach that allows my clients and I get to know each other like old friends. My love for photography and people is displayed through my images. I love humor and look for opportunities to laugh and have fun but ultimately, I learn your story and translate who you are together into beautiful photographs and memories to share for generations to come.

warm & welcoming Southern Hospitality

My Approach

We believe images should be displayed in your home and shared with family and friends to serve as a reminder of your commitment to an everlasting love 

We believe in creating a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone feels welcome

We believe wedding photography is a lifelong investment and our clients deserve to be treated with an amazing experience!

He is always minute away from dropping it all, throwing a blanket in the car and heading to the   beach to look at the stars just to see her smile.

We find dancing is an expression of our intimate connection, a vibrant picture of our souls in sync and a moment in time where no one else exists.

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Celebrating your love story