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Photography With Southern Charm

When you hire a photographer, of course you’re purchasing gorgeous, professional photos. 

But you’re also buying time with the photographer themself — inviting them into your life, asking them to capture your most special moments, showing them the bits and pieces of your personality not everyone always gets to see. 

You’re getting a relationship, not just a gallery of images. 

If you want that relationship to be serious and businesslike, there are lots of qualified photographers in Savannah. But if you’re looking for a relationship that goes deeper — that’s warm and inviting while still professional, inclusive and accepting of the real you, that’s filled with laughter and heartfelt gestures, with a person who thinks you’re all that and a bag of chips — I’m the photographer you’re looking for. And I can’t wait to meet you!

Wedding & Senior Photographer in Savannah, GA

As the official documentarian of your special day, I’ll be there for every moment of your wedding. The flowers will wilt and the cake will be eaten, but the photos I take will become heirlooms you can use to reminisce about your day for decades to come and share with future generations. 

As a mom, I know how you feel — you blink, and suddenly your baby is all grown up! Let me capture their transition into adulthood with some beautiful senior portraits as they graduate from high school or college. 

Hey y’all, I’m Melanie! I love the South, just like you. I’m easy going and relaxed, just like you. And I know that life goes by way too fast, just like you, which is why I’ve spent mine with a camera in my hand. I can’t wait to capture your special moments! 

“Working with Melanie was so great! She is very attentive and very interactive which is so, so helpful if you’re not fully comfortable in front of the camera. The whole energy with her was just very bright and fun. I would recommend her to anyone and I hope you enjoy her company as much as I did!”
— Neriyah P.

Let's Celebrate You!

That’s why I do this, after all: to celebrate all people through candid, authentic and creative photography and an exceptional experience so you can love and share these images for generations. Ready to get started?! 

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